Pawnshop Gold Price List Today 27 June 2022, From Antam to UBS

Pawnshop Gold Price List Today 27 June 2022, From Antam to UBS – Pawnshop Gold Price List Today 27 June 2022, From Antam to UBS. Today’s gold price sold by PT Pegadaian (Persero) did not move in trading earlier this week. The price of pawnshop gold today is still the same compared to the previous trade.

Launching the official Pegadaian website, Monday (27/6/2022), all types of gold sold at Pegadaian such as Antam gold, Antam Batik, Retro gold and UBS gold are stable.

For example, the price of Antam’s Pegadaian gold is still priced at Rp. 1.027 thousand for 1 gram. Meanwhile, the price of 1 gram UBS gold is still sold at Rp. 976,000 and 1 gram of retro gold is priced at Rp. 974,000.

The public can find out changes in Pegadaian’s gold price through its official website at

Pegadaian gold prices change every day and adjust to the world and local gold market prices.

The following is a summary of today’s Pegadaian gold prices:

Antam Gold Price

– 0.5 gram = IDR 566.000

– 1 gram = IDR 1,027,000

– 2 grams = Rp. 1,991,000

– 3 grams = IDR 2,960,000

– 5 grams = Rp. 4,899.000

– 10 grams = Rp. 9,739,000

– 25 grams = IDR 24,217,000

– 50 grams = IDR 48.350.000

– 100 grams = Rp. 96.618.000

– 250 grams = IDR 241,271,000

– 500 grams = IDR 482,325,000

– 1000 grams = Rp. 964.606.000

Antam Batik Gold Price

– 0.5 gram = Rp. 638.000

– 1 gram = IDR 1,182,000

– 8 grams = Rp. 8,954,000

Retro Gold Price

– 0.5 grams = IDR 520,000

– 1 gram = IDR 974,000

– 2 grams = Rp. 1,928,000

– 3 grams = IDR 2,863,000

– 5 grams = IDR 4,758,000

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– 10 grams = IDR 9,455,000

– 25 grams = Rp. 23,504,000

– 50 grams = IDR 46,922,000

– 100 grams = IDR 93,760,000

– 250 grams = Rp. 234.116.000

– 500 grams = IDR 468.009.000

– 1000 grams = IDR 935,974,000

UBS Gold Price

– 0.5 gram = IDR 521,000

– 1 gram = IDR 976.000

– 2 grams = Rp. 1,937,000

– 5 grams = IDR 4,786,000

– 10 grams = IDR 9,520,000

– 25 grams = Rp. 23,753,000

– 50 grams = IDR 47.406.000

– 100 grams = IDR 94,773,000

– 250 grams = IDR 236,862,000

– 500 grams = IDR 473,166,000.

World Gold Prices Are Still Difficult to Rise This Week, Check Out the Predictions

Previously, gold prices were estimated to be stuck at the consolidating level this week. The world gold price will still be in the range of USD 1,800 per ounce this week waiting for big sentiment.

Most analysts see that in the short term, gold prices will remain at low levels. This will encourage some financial backers to buy.

So far, the uncertainty of international strategy as well as the volatility of financial markets are still the dominant factors in the global financial landscape. chief currency analyst Adam Button explained that gold prices have failed to generate excitement by heading higher.

“But gold is still able to survive in a difficult market with a strong US dollar and higher bond yields,” Adam customized organization as quoted by Kitco, Monday (27/6/2022).

“Gold prices are suffering because financial backers don’t have a sense of urgency to buy.” he added.

Phillip Streible, chief analyst at Blue Line Futures, said that the stance of the Federal Reserve (the Fed) aggressively tightening monetary policy weighed on sentiment among retail financial backers.

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However, he added that if the US economy falls into recession, the US Central Bank will be forced to reverse some of its rate hikes, which will trigger gold’s next rally.

“For now you might want to buy in the $1,800 range and maybe take some gains at $1,875 because we’re still stuck in that range. What you don’t want to do is buy all of your positions at $1,875,” he said.

Survey Results

Every week Kitco conducts a survey on the price of gold to analysts on Wall Street as well as retail financial backers. Surveys to financial backers are conducted on the web.

This week 15 Wall Street analysts participated in the Kitco News gold survey. Among participants, six analysts, or 26 percent, were in for a bullish forecast for gold in the near term.

At the same time, six analysts or 32 percent are negative on gold. While nine analysts or 42 percent neutral against gold this week.

Meanwhile, 681 votes were cast in a Main Street online survey. Of these, 301 respondents or 44 percent are eyeing gold to rise next week.

Meanwhile, another 185 or 27 percent said the price of gold would be lower. While 195 voters or 29 percent chose to be neutral in the near future.

Bullish sentiment in retail financial backers is at its lowest point in almost three years. But participation in this online survey has dropped to its lowest level in a month.

Analyst Prediction

Due to sluggish financial backer interest in gold, many analysts expect gold prices to fall lower but remain in their current consolidation pattern with support at USD 1,800 per ounce and opposition around USD 1,850 per ounce.

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“Gold will comfortably stay between support at USD 1,806.10 and opposition at USD 1,861.50. My guess is it will remain low until other commodities stop flying,” Darin Newsom’s individualized organization President Darin Newsom Analysis said.

Overseeing Director Bannockburn Global Forex Marc Chandler also sees that gold prices will consolidate this week.

“I think further consolidation is the most likely scenario and note that the 20-day moving average has converged with the 200-day moving average of $1,842 and $1,845, respectively,” he said.

“Lower interest rates and a weaker US dollar could help gold prices recover from last week’s lows. However, the precious metal remains mired in that figure.” he added.

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