Dietary Guidelines for People with Hepatitis D

Dietary Guidelines for People with Hepatitis D – Dietary Guidelines for People with Hepatitis D. “People with hepatitis D need to make changes to their diet to be healthier. One of them is by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Hepatitis D is an inflammation of the liver caused by an infection called hepatitis D infection (HDV). Hepatitis D requires hepatitis B infection to infect liver cells. If infected, the ability and function of the liver can be disrupted.

Therefore, it is important for people with hepatitis D to make lifestyle changes, including diet. That way, the risk of further liver damage can be minimized.

Recommended Foods for People with Hepatitis D

Actually, there is no specific diet or diet for people with hepatitis D. A diet that is a must-have is a nutritionally balanced diet to improve overall health.

Here are some foods that are recommended for people with hepatitis D:

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide the body with nutrients and minerals that are essential for health. Eating these fiber-rich foods can also help reduce your intake of unhealthy foods.

For example, like fatty meats or sweet foods, because they are quite filling. Consumption of green leafy vegetables, in particular, may provide benefits for those with hepatitis.

  1. Grains

Foods in the grain category include whole grain breads, pasta, and oats. We recommend that you consume whole grains with minimal expositions, not refined grains such as white bread, white rice, or white pasta. Whole grains help increase protein intake, which can help maintain muscle mass.

Protein Food

People with hepatitis D also need to consume the right amount of protein. Especially if you have chronic hepatitis D. Eating enough protein can help avoid malnutrition and muscle wasting.

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However, consuming too much protein can lead to complications including a condition known as encephalopathy. It’s best if you eat protein in moderation. Lean meats, dairy, nuts, and cheese are good sources of protein.

  • Healthy Fat

People with hepatitis D should not always stay away from fat. Sources of healthy fats are actually very useful for reducing the risk of heart disease. Examples are olive oil, sunflower oil, and avocado.

Food and Drinks to Avoid

If that was a good food for people with hepatitis D, the following foods and drinks should be avoided, or at least limited:

  • High Salt Food

Processed foods, including snacks, fried foods, and foods that can be reheated in the microwave, often lead to excess salt intake. The ideal limit for salt consumption for a healthy adult is 2,300 mg a day.

If you have chronic hepatitis D, this can progress to cirrhosis of the liver. If you have cirrhosis, there may be an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen, a condition called ascites. People with ascites should limit their sodium intake to less than 1000 mg per day.

  • Sweet Food and Drink

Added sugars contained in foods and beverages also need to be limited or avoided by people with hepatitis D. These added sugars are often found in sweetened soft drinks, juice drinks, and other sweet foods..

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption causes increased stress on the liver and can put people with hepatitis D at a higher risk for liver damage. If you have chronic hepatitis, you should avoid consuming alcohol, yes.

That’s a dietary guide for people with hepatitis D. Starting from what is recommended and what should be avoided.

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